They met in England, working for the same design agency. Magali Beaulieu, graduated from the Duperré art school, now lives in Paris while Elisa Millier, a graduate from the Louvre school lives in Berlin. And yet, they are more than ever indivisible: together they founded the studio Inkfabrik, a lab at the service of creation for fashion and home furnishing industries. In the shadow of the well-known brands such as Pierre Frey, Canovas or Lelièvre, the Inkfabrik have created unique designs. Elisa has a well-constructed geometric inspiration very close to architecture, while Magali get inspired by the lust of the nature with a very unique talent.

In 2013, Vincent Thevenon fell in love for this talented duet and decides to showcase their work. A first collection was born, mixing modernist Palm Springs houses surrounded by palm trees to geometric shapes between structural and the organic vibes. The success was immediate after the launch of the jacquard fabric "Arkane". Today, several other items, such as Nymphéas, l’Arbre voyageur, Totem, have become "best sellers" for Maison Thevenon.

The inspiration never stops. We feel always connected with our work.