Leslie David

Designer, artist, illustrator but not only, Leslie David created her own design studio in 2009 and works in the fields of fashion, beauty, music, publishing ... but that’s not all!

Her very broad scope includes brand identity, graphics, digital projects, motifs, animation, cinema and much more!

With prestigious clients such as Adidas, APC, Canal Plus, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Metronomy, New York Times, Brasserie Barbès and We Love Green festival. So many we wouldn’t be able to list them all.

In 2017, Leslie works on her first textile collection for Maison Thevenon: a series of drawings inspired by the Isle of Mallorca in Spain, which were available in printed cotton and jacquard.

I love graphical shapes and beautiful prints, this is my guilty pleasure.

Her style, electric and trendy, mixed geometry, gestural painting, collages, textured glossy effects, glittery and iridescent ... A review of everything psychedelic but which does not forbid complementary incursions in the universe of Art deco and its very strong black and white patterns. She also allows herself to juggle between digital tools hand work.

Because who talks to Leslie David about limits?