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Nathalie Leté

In her workshop at the gates of Paris, filled with an artistic "bric-a-brac" from top to bottom, where one we could expect to see creatures made from cloth, ceramic, paper or metal to come to life, Nathalie Lété is shaping a world of her own, initiated from a solitary childhood.

In her working environment, digital has not imposed its dominance. Painting and handicrafts, such as modeling or embroidery, have remained at the heart of her creative process.

Born from a Chinese father and a German mother, Nathalie is inspired by her origins, her travels, her holiday memories with her grandmother in Bavaria, immersed in the imagery of fairy tales.

If painting flowers seems to be a natural language to her, the vintage toys she has collected since the birth of her daughter come into the scenery to embody the characters of her stories. Nathalie Lété proceeds by themes (the butcher, the little red riding hood ...) and enjoys declining her ideas on various canvases that make them evolve.

This is how her patterns become rugs, books, silk scarves, wallpaper or plates ... Many see in her universe only colorful joy of life and comforting childish accents, however, Nathalie knows that she has integrated an element of oddness and nostalgia. No doubt the contradictory little spice that reveals the magic the entire piece.

I am always looking for dreams