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Patrick Plattier

The most eccentric member of Thevenon’s creative team! With his unusual Hawaiian shirt inspired, old sea-dog look and his guitar never far away to surprise us with improvised tunes of his own making, Patrick Plattier, a painter of all genres, according to his own definition, does not hold his tongue and encrusts his good words filled with humour into his paintings.

Settled on the Ile de Ré, the artist detonates in the rather polished local landscape. A rather odd person now well known to all, with his colours, his joking spirit and his house-studio cluttered with works and even incrusted here and there with a few mocking winks painted on the walls, doors and various objects.

The marine landscape, but also political news turned into derision, arise under his brushes. What counts is expressing oneself freely, reacting to one's environment.

During a holiday on the Ile de Ré, Olivier Thevenon discovered and came to love the madness this rebellious, fanciful and light troublemaker. He convinced his son Vincent to transfer his works into fabrics and since it has been done, success has never been an issue!

Thanks to Patrick Plattier and Thevenon’s collaboration, art enters homes and hangs on the windows in the shape of curtains, on walls as printed canvases, it decorates table in sets of coated tables ... Be aware of the contagious enthusiasm that comes from this large and uncontrollable breath of fresh air!

My mind is inspired by freedom, expressing it on painting is a form of resistance