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Prune Cirelli

Her aquarelle illustrations like to attach themselves to the pages of glossy paper of the most current fashion magazines, such as Madame Figaro Japan. Fashion, beauty... unique universes which are second nature to this figure from La Parisienne, of which Prune Cirelli claims.

From Paris, she loves the gardens, museums, cafes, the subway and long walks. The capital inspires her with new ideas around the streets. She explores details that bear the nostalgia to the time of Marcel Proust or the Belle Epoque.

But Paris is not her only source of inspiration. Proof: as part of her collaboration with the Maison Thevenon, Prune takes us under the sea with the sea creatures from "Glowing Fish", in the air with the feathers from "Hane", then returns to the mainland to declare a love of vegetation made of trees ("Notte"), bamboo ("Take"), or flowers ("Blooming").

A return to the world of beauty quoted above can be read in her prints which imitate the jewels of fine stones from Marie-Hélène de Taillac ("Garlands of briolettes").

Finally, Japanese and Victorian aesthetics complete Prune Cirelli’s field of "obsessions", the illustrator who fell into the art of drawing after leaving the famous Drouot auction house where she had served sixteen years as an expert in paintings from the end of the 19th century.

A journey of her own where each story can resurface under a graceful colourful form.

In her interview for Lancome.fr Prune tells about her passion for animals: "I've started to look at animals for my drawings but then I never stopped photographing dogs in the street. I was raised with dogs and I have adopted recently a little one names Jacob, half Teckel, half Jack Russel. And I have to tell you how cute he is!