Choose one of our fabrics (especially among our upholstery ranges) and let us guide you with the making of your headboards, ottomans, chairs, sofas chairs in standard or custom sizes.
We offer you a large choice of headboards each with their own style. Standard dimensions 90x120, 140x120, 160x120, 180x120 cm or custom-made. 8 different styles are available to cover all taste!
To complete the bedroom interior decoration, our ottomans combine style and convenience with extra storage. Their beautiful look and feel (completely covered with fabric) is coordinated with the headboards.
Finally, our chairs and sofas can be upholstered with any fabric from our dedicated range of plains (such as Sweet Skin, Bellini, Sweet Love, Douceur...) or jacquards (such as Optimo, Felix, Vertigo...). The Joseph model is the sleekest with its rectangular seat and upholstered fabric back, the Joséphine model is a more fitted variation.

Maison Thevenon has developed with its workshops a unique customized range of furniture thanks to a limitless fabric library