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Carolina Irving

Carolina Irving has been fully involved in the world of design, in one way or another, for many years. Previously an editor at Elle Decor, House and Garden and Vogue Living, in 2013 she joined forces with Penny Morrison to create Irving and Morrison and then with Lisa Fine to create Irving and Fine, a fashion and accessories line inspired by their travels. Travel has always been an essential part of Carolina's life. She immerses herself in the history of art and the decorative arts and draws inspiration from her extensive travel experiences in India and the Middle East in particular to create and write for the New York Times' T Magazine "In The Air". Carolina loves colors, but in an impressionistic way, mixing different patterns like a Vuillard painting. She sources her canvases and chintzes in France, England, Sweden and India, and in Turkey, Greece and other Middle Eastern countries the wild colors and patterns which are reinterpreted in her own way.